Eff Body Image

Body image. Thigh gap. Thinspiration. Websites devoted to worshipping Ana (anorexia). Get thin fast; remedies/pills/exercises/etc. Every single day we are assaulted with unrealistic ideals of what a woman should look like and what she can do to get there. It is crap. Men are quickly catching up too. It used to be they were kind of left out of the whole body image, mind game assault but nowadays there is pressure on them as well. 

I am done with it. I will no longer participate. Which means I will have to fight, every day, to not judge others for their bodies and even more difficult, to not judge myself or compare myself to anyone else (unless done in a positive way). 

If I were to look at my BMI, a number that is the holy grail of healthiness and sometimes referred to as insanely flawed, I fall into the “overweight” category. Sometimes this would make me feel bad. Sometimes it doesn’t. Now, my focus is shifting to how I feel. 

Here is my reality: for the sake of better health and wellness, I need to eat better and move more. Whatever size that leaves me at, whatever weight, I’m going to do my best to not be stressed by it. Whether I am fuller (as I am now) or thinner, it is essential that I love my body just the way it is. 

The older I get (and I am aware that I am not “old”) I am becoming, sometimes slowly, more comfortable in my own skin. Thanks to shows like “Girls” or “The Mindy Project”, that star women with fuller figures, it is challenging the status quo. Now I am not saying we all need to pile on the pounds but we need to accept what is natural and real. We need to quit buying into the disgustingly over photoshopped images on magazines. We need to focus on health, wellness, and joy. Eff body image.