Progress Made

It’s a funny place I find myself in, sitting comfortably in my mid-thirties, rid of all the angst of my late teens to mid-twenties. I still recall the emotional turmoil I was in, the loneliness, the anger- so much anger! Despite the ability to recall it all, in vivid detail, it also feels like a lifetime ago. The suffering definitely helped to shape who I am, but that person, that version of myself seems foreign to me now.

I remember… staying up all night, watching tv and chatting over AIM with 5 people at once and writing two pieces at a time. I remember all the pent up rage over my (perceived) inability to live a normal life. I remember the feelings of isolation, desperation, and loneliness that overwhelmed me. I remember having my first full blown panic attack one night around 1am, while watching Vanilla Sky, wondering if I should wake my parents to take me to the hospital or let them sleep and maybe find me dead on the couch in the morning. I let them sleep and hoped and prayed I wasn’t having a heart attack and dying like I thought I was, like I felt I was.

I remember… writing dark and twisted poetry about the fury, the sorrow, and romanticizing suicide. I never truly considered it but it felt like such a tempting escape from the misery I was in.

I think back to all the crazy that I attracted to my life during that time. The drama filled people who seemed to find me like I was a magnet and truth be told, I probably was. It seemed like one friend after another was in crisis. My friendship circle consisted of self-harmers, pill poppers, and the like. It was also filled with people who had been dealt some really shitty hands in life but year after year they continued to be the victim rather than become the heroine of their own life. I remember one often repeating, “I don’t know what I did in a past life to deserve all of this.”

I remember… finding solace in the darkness of depression, the depression that anxiety drove me into. Misery does love company and I found my tribe. I remember feeling so liberated being able to share the chaos and storms that were swirling within me. I was no longer alone in my looney tribe of misfits. We were all wounded in our own ways and suffering but we had each other and that made it less lonely.

I remember… the clouds starting to lift in my life. The poetry dried up and I feared I was losing my creativity. I remember that the down moments came less frequently, the mood swings not as severe. I remember feeling at odds with myself because I didn’t recognize myself anymore without turmoil. Sometimes, even now, a little part of me misses it. For the creativity that is. There is something about angst and writing that go hand in hand, at least in my twisted mind.

Yet, I wouldn’t go back to it. I like being in a happy place now. That’s not to say my life is perfect but I am more appreciative now. I understand my anxiety better and have a better handle on it. I’m thankful for my struggles because there are somethings one cannot fully understand without experiencing them, mental health issues being one of them. Yes, I remember my battle and I’m grateful for it but I am so content to be exactly where I am right now. 100_0291_2.jpg


Missing Connection

The other day I was thinking to myself how there is this void in my life. Part of the gap that T left to be filled was a friend (or friends) with whom I can chat for hours with on spiritual ideas. Anything from the sort of vibes or energy someone puts out to astrology or numerology or looking for signs in our lives 

I have an amazing amazing group of friends. They are wonderful and intelligent, we chat for hours dissecting life and love and relationships (romantic, familial, work relationships, etc). The thing that we don’t tend to discuss as much is spirituality. Energy. The more mysterious side of life. Mostly I would say this falls on me. I’ve not sought out those conversations. I do have some friends that are more in tune to this sort of thinking and discussing but I don’t seek that out. I haven’t in a while. I need to. My soul needs it.

Last night a dear friend of mine came over to visit. We met six years ago and after a few work related transfers and busy lives we fell off. There was no animosity, we simply drifted. In the ensuing years she has found yoga, meditation, energy work, a deeper understanding of self. She has changed so much, cutting out negative habits and working to find inner peace. She is amazing. 

When she came over it was like no time had passed and so much time. She is so changed and yet still the same. We chatted for hours about our experiences, our suffering, our joys, our successes. We talked about life. It was refreshing and wonderful. It made my soul feel good. 

After she left, I felt stronger and happier. I realized that I need to seek out more spiritual connections in my life and focus on some inner work as well. My support system is strong, I just need to rely on them, open myself up, and share.