About The Author

Writer, tech junkie, dreamer, animal lover

That would summarize me in short.  However is anyone ever that simple?  I am a writer though I’ve not published much.  I love technology though I’m not nearly an expert at it.  I am a dreamer and sometimes lose track of time as I indulge in day dreams of perfect scenarios.  I am an animal lover to my core, particularly dogs.  One day (oh that dreaded one day ideology), I would like to be involved in dog rescue/foster/rehabilitation.

This blog is a chance for me to express all the random thoughts that float around inside my mind.  I’ve been labeled opinionated my entire life.  I’ve been accused of jumping to conclusions.  We all have our faults.  Learning and growing is part of the game.  I seek to constantly improve myself, foster love and tolerance, and encourage others to find their passions.

Often times when a person starts a blog they find their niche and stick with it.  I don’t like playing by the rules.  This blog could touch on anything from politics, to reality tv, dog training, a great book I’ve read, to the random musings of my mind.  Be warned.  Sometimes it may be offensive, other times silly.  Always authentic.  Always me.  Even if “Me” is an ever changing concept.

Welcome to my blog!

Kelly C

Questions? Inquiries?

Email me at: kellyssoapbox@gmail.com


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