Discoveries Made While Working From Home

Since December I have been blessed to be able to work from home. My family was a little concerned about me accepting a work from home position. They were afraid I’d turn into a hermit. Other work from home friends said showering would fall to the wayside. I’ve found that in some ways there is a little stigma about working from home. Well, I am happy to report that I have not morphed into a hermit and I  still shower regularly. I am LOVING working from home. I’ve wanted to work from home since I was 20 years old. I just never thought there was a legitimate way to do it. Anyway, here are my discoveries about working from home:

  • if it involves wearing a bra, it’s a fancy day
  • if I do my make-up look out world! (or it is team meeting day and I will be seen by other people)
  • being home with my babies while I work is the best! Except for when they are being a pain
  • while I may be at home and in my pjs all day, I am most certainly working, I have scheduled shifts, scheduled breaks, etc.
  • working from home does not make me want to leap out of bed in the morning to start work, I still miss my bed when I have to leave it
  • despite staring at a computer screen all day, I still use my personal technology a lot
  • once I leave my office, I am done, work day is over
  • breaks are great times for switching out loads of laundry
  • I am (generally) more patient when driving now as I don’t have a time to be somewhere to clock in
  • I am also (generally) more patient of people in stores, though sometimes I still get road rage in the grocery store
  • my body does NOT like sitting for 10 hours a day
  • chiropractors are very helpful for when your body rebels IMG_0213

3 thoughts on “Discoveries Made While Working From Home

  1. I’m so glad you’re showering every day. I am working right now on my writing and doing laundry at the same time. It is possible to be productive at home and have a career. Good for you!

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