Introducing Oliver


Oliver checking out Frankie


This post is rather late in coming but I need to officially welcome Sir Oliver into my family. While I’ve always enjoyed cute and friendly cats that belonged to other people, I did not, personally have great success with them. In fact, I swore I’d never have a cat. I would tell anyone who’d listen that cats were a-holes and who needed them? If friends of my mine had friendly kitties, well, I just adored them. Still, I didn’t want a cat for myself that I had to take care of until,  one day, I did.

For months Valarie (the roommate) and I would joke about bringing home a kitten. If the dogs did something annoying we’d say to the other, “Did you get a kitten yet?” If one of us went to the store we’d joke, “Bring home a kitten please.” This went on for some time but without much intent behind it. Then I reached out to a friend who is in charge of adoptions at a local rescue that I adore (the friend and the rescue). I  knew when I did that, I would soon have a cat.


Sleeping buddies

I expressed all of my concerns to this friend, what if it has a high prey drive? Frankie is so small. Dane is so old and crabby. Milo is very energetic and gets VERY excited if he sees a cat. Would a cat blend well into my household? Would I be better to get a cat or a kitten? The questions went on  and on, God bless her for her patience.

She agreed that a kitten would probably be the easiest to blend into a home with three dog. It just so happened the rescue had a rather tiny kitten that needed a new foster home by the end of the week. He was a long hair fluff ball who didn’t make sense to me in his pictures. His face was that of a tabby, striped and handsome. His body? Varying shades of grey (no, not 50 shades). I ran it past my sis, making sure she was still on board. This all happened on a Tuesday afternoon. Friday, January 8th Oliver came home.

We agreed to do a foster- to- adopt. This way all the critters would get a few weeks to get to know each other and see if it was a good fit all the way around. (I would HIGHLY recommend fostering to adopt if you’re considering adding an animal to your home but not sure if you/they are ready.) My friend had told me he was a sweetheart and that I would melt. Sure enough, the first moment I held him and he snuggled into me purring I was a goner. I text her the next morning and told her that Oliver was home.


Oliver claims his freedom, Dane doesn’t suspect a thing.

For the first two weeks Oliver was kept in the living room, separated from the dogs by a baby gate. We did start introducing them that night, slowly and entirely supervised. Within two weeks Oliver decided he’d had enough of their separation and leapt the gate thereby claiming his freedom.

It’s been a couple of months since the little monster joined the family and I fall more and more in love with him every day. Milo was obsessed with him from the beginning and the two are the most adorable friends. Frankie is not as thrilled with Oliver mainly because Cranky Frankie likes his sleep. Oliver likes to pounce on blankets that move. It’s a disagreement we are collectively working out.  While having a kitten is a very new experience it is one I am greatly enjoying. I am sure there will be far more tales to come. I have to go for now, he just stole something off my dresser that I need to reclaim…


Exhausted from being too darn cute!