Just a Thought on Hunting

Thanks to the brutal slaughter of Cecil the Lion, thoughts on hunting have been taking over social media. People are (rightly) outraged over the death of this magnificent animal. I am a non-hunter. I am a meat eater but what I eat comes from the store and it is organic, free range. I’ve only fired a gun once and that was at Girl Scout Camp. I’m assuming it was a BB gun, but I couldn’t even tell you.

Growing up in the midwest, hunting is a pretty big deal. Deer hunters and the like wait eagerly for hunting season to begin. I see posts on my social media from people who are excited about November 15th.

Here is the thing I don’t get about hunting… How can you be proud of yourself for killing an animal that you baited and waited for? What skill does it take to set out food, wait for the animal to appear, and then shoot it? Granted you have to have aim but still. It’s not like you tracked the animal through the wild, and had to have knowledge of its habits and whereabouts. You laid out a buffet, sit there probably drinking beer, and then shoot.

I’m not saying that hunting should be outlawed, not when it is done legally. There is an overabundance of deer in Michigan so there is room and even need for hunting. However, poaching, hunting of endangered animals? I think the penalties for that should be much higher to try and discourage it from occurring at all.


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