Thoughts on a Cold & Rainy Sunday

I, like many Michiganders, am fed up with the weather. From 80 degrees one day (which I enjoy) to 57 today, not to mention three days straight of rain, well it is getting old. Quite old to be honest. People are getting sick left and right thanks to the extreme swings we are experiencing. I am still nursing a cough from being sick weeks ago. I’m starting to wonder if the cough is lingering from my upper respiratory infection or if it is merely a gift of sinus and allergy issues.

Somehow I scored a three day weekend which has mostly been spent recharging my batteries. Friday I slept in until 12:30pm and by 4pm I was napping again. It was awesome! Then I went on a successful first date that evening with a rather handsome fellow. Saturday my sis and I got our nails done bright and early. Then we met up with our parents for lunch. When we got home I took another nap with my lovely little pups. The evening was spent watching “Jurassic Park,” on tv with a glass of wine. I went to bed early and enjoyed a very restful night’s sleep. Today, I was awoke by Dane at 6am with him needing to go out. Considering he let me sleep nearly the whole night through (a rarity with him), I was happy to get up and let him out. I stayed awake for an hour, laying in bed, reading social media, news sources, and the like. Then I dozed back off until1 10am.

Since getting out of bed I’ve been enjoying some time on my computer, reading things going on in the world that make me both happy and sad. I’m drinking coffee and when I get tired of sitting, I get up and do some housework. So far I’ve swept the house and have some laundry going. This weekend has been far from productive but it has been much needed for my soul.

click on photo to see original by Julia Folsom.

click on photo to see original by Julia Folsom.


Memorial Day

Just a quick note to say Happy Memorial Day. Thank you to those who have served and gave it their all. Their sacrifice was not in vain.

an American flag background waving in the wind

Peace and Quiet

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 12.30.02 PMWhen I was younger I longed for some busy, hectic, fast-paced life. I wanted to be a social butterfly (does anyone use that phrase anymore?) Unfortunately my mother was very strict and while I was more than welcome to have friends over, I was not allowed to go to friends’ homes very often. As an adult I can appreciate that it must be scary to let your child go to the home of someone else where God only knows how well the other parents supervise their children. However, as a kid, it bummed me out terribly.

As an adult… I often have invites to go out, to do this, to do that. I have a great group of close friends and a lot of people I am friendly with. However, I find myself declining invites more than accepting them. Sometimes I wonder if I had been allowed to be more social when I was younger, would I find myself wanting to be more social now? I really don’t know if that would have had any bearing on the course of my life at all.

All I know is that nowadays, I tend to prefer peace and quiet. I love being at my home, with my mutts, my computer, a good book, tv, a glass of wine, etc. Or I enjoy spending time with my family or my closest friends. I like small get togethers, intimate conversations, silliness, and spending time with people who encourage me to be the best version of myself. I tend to avoid large crowds or bigger get togethers. Lots of people + lots of alcohol tend to = unnecessary drama. I’m so uninterested in drama. I have very little patience for it.

Whether I missed my calling at being the girl who is always out and about town or not… One thing is for sure. I have come to adore peace and quiet.