I have come to realize that in comparison to others, my life is blessedly boring. Lately, minus some issues with learning to control/manage my GERD and IBS, I’ve been well. There were some flare-ups as dosages where changed and then ultimately changed back. The set backs did bring about minor bouts of depression. It is very frustrating and defeating to not feel well. Missing work, being home in bed, it takes its toll. However, over all my mental health has been on a pretty even keel.

I’ve not been dating so there is no drama in that area of my life. School has kept me busy but it’s a good busy that has led to many rewarding moments. All of this smooth sailing has not been conducive to my writing though.

Writing is often a way to purge the negative emotions, to channel the hurt or the rage. If everything is good- what does a writer then write about? Such is the conundrum. Now that I have an eight week break that gives me some time to refocus and make plans. One of my very dear friends is also a writer and she suggested we get together to encourage each other in our endeavors. It was a very productive meeting over mimosas. I have committed (to myself) to work more often on my blog and to also finish one of my fiction pieces that I started twelve years ago. For her, the primary focus will be getting her website up and running. Then she will tackle a couple of amazing fiction stories that are percolating in her brain.

I think the strategy session/writing date went exceptionally well. Time will tell if I stick with this or not. Be on the lookout for more writing!IMG_0001


3 thoughts on “Write!

  1. It’s so hard to consistently blog. I’m like you that unless something extraordinary is happening, I don’t think to write about it. One thing that did help was not limiting what I write about. When I was writing Diesel Stomping, it was too limiting. Now with Zombies and Robots, I have categories I try to stick within, but enough of them to keep it open. My ‘Pitzy Cooks’ category is my fall back to keep me writing when I don’t have anything to write about.

    • Thank you for that! I have been debating if my topics or categories are too broad. This reaffirms that I shouldn’t limit myself (too much). 🙂

  2. I’ve noticed that I don’t write anymore because in the past, I would be unhappy and therefore write. It provided an escape for me a purging, as you’ve mentioned. I do not have much to complain about in my life, so writing has definitely taken a place on the back burner, if it’s even on the stove at all. Sometimes I get ideas about new stories, but they quickly fade and go nowhere. So yes, the conundrum…what TO write about when you’re doing well?

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