I just want to stand-

In the middle of the crowd

High upon a pedestal

Where I can scream

Scream for their judgment

-of me

Scream for the life that

-is slipping away

-from me

Scream for their

Scornful looks

Scream until I can

No longer hear

Their condescending


Scream until my voice

Gives out and

My throat is raw.

But it won’t help

Because they don’t get


All their expectations.

All their reminders

That I am a FAILURE.

All the while, the one thing

They never see

~is me.

So I will be forced to

Give more, be more, live more

Feel more. Hurt. More.

What more can I give though?

My blood?  My sweat?  My tears?

My dreams?  My goals?  My soul?

So I will stand

And pull the blade

From within my pocket

Slicing through skin

so smooth

One, then two

And hold my arms

Above so they can see

The life as it pours

Out of me.

No more.

No more pain

No more doubt

No more weakness

No more questions.

Not another person

In my face

Reminding me

of all the things

I could and should


But never will be

Because it all ends


As I fall

Too weak

To keep on.

It all ends

in final, blissful



**** Author’s note. While this poem is about suicide I have never been suicidal. If you or someone you know is contemplating suicide there is help out there.




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