Mutt Update

It’s been quite some time since I have sat down and written about my mutts, aka ‘The Boys.’ I’ve been a little focused on other thingsIMG_0059: family stuff, dating stuff, house stuff, health stuff, school stuff, life stuff. Basically a lot of stuff. Despite my silence regarding the mutts, they are doing incredibly well, for the most part anyway.

Dane is my amazing, well behaved, little old man. We walk through the neighborhood without a leash and he barely wanders a few feet from me. I don’t even have to say, “Wait,’ to get him to stop. If I stop, he stops. He is my bud and we are so in-tune it is unbelievable. I’ve never had a bond like this with any other dog. He knows if I’m not feeling well and refuses to leave my side. He picks up on my moods, if I’m mad at someone, so is he. It’s been that way since day one. Recently he gave me quite the scare and knowing that the day is coming that we will have to part makes me appreciate the time we have left even more.

Frankie… Oh little Frank… What is there to be said about him? Dane has oft been refereed to as “royalty” or “the king” because of how he carries himself. When Frankie came along he was quickly dubbed “the court jester.” As Frankie dances around, prances, hops, bops, and flies through the house, Dane looks at him like he is worlds beneath him. Frankie is a happy-go-lucky, tail always wagging, silly boy. He is also incredibly stubborn, very ornery, and sometimes I suspect: untrainable. If he is curled up oh-so-comfortably and someone goes to move him? LOOK OUT. He’s like a cobra ready to strike. The noises he makes, well, I’ve never heard them come from a dog before. When he is angry I am certain all of his bones dissolve into cartilage for the way he twirls, twists, bucks, and lunges. For a five pound, toothless dog it sadly takes two to three adults to cut his nails. The last time around it took four adults, with people trading ouIMG_0061t after Frank left them bleeding. Psycho dog.

Milo… Oh the Milo Monster. When I first brought him into my home he was so quiet. He was very mellow, slinking around, ears down, rather skittish. He had some experiences in his past that were clearly short of loving. One of the reasons he was given up, if I recall, was his energy level. The first few days in my home he was so sedate that I questioned the sanity of the people who gave him up. High energy? Seriously? Then he got comfortable and there’s been no looking back. He is playful and silly, hyper as all get out, and very sweet. About the only person in the world he doesn’t like is the mailman.

The three of them have worked out a mutual existence. If one of them is not feeling well the other two are sensitive to that. The rest of the time? They are pretty great minus resource guarding their food. They all sleep in the bed with me, each in their own little area, Milo and Frank pressed against either side of me, Dane off on his own, burrowed in his blanket. Sometimes these mutts of mine drive me insane but I could not imagine my life without them.


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