Back To School

It is back to school time, which has always been a time of year that fills me with a certain excitement. There is something about shopping for notebooks, college ruled paper, pens, backpacks, etc that speaks to the inner kid in me. I suppose the times have changed with many schools outfitting students with tablets, the need for paper and pen has probably fallen away, like cursive handwriting.

Perhaps it is my love for back to school season that led me to recently purchase a backpack for my laptop. Or maybe it was just my love for accessories… Either way I really wasn’t considering a return to college at this point. Returning to school has always been somewhere in the back of my mind. Whether the reason was because college is a necessity ingrained in my mind or because I love learning, I’m not entirely sure.

Yes. I am enrolled in college yet again. This marks my third time of signing up for college perhaps the third time will be a charm. While I wish I was taking an English or writing class I am being responsible and taking other credits needed for my degree. I am signed up for a nutrition class which should be interesting and it is a topic I am increasingly more interested in.

Back to school may not be quite as exciting as an adult but I am pretty happy with how this season is treating me so far.


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