Apathy No More

What have I been up to during my absence? I wish I could say something really exciting and fantastic. However, I’d have to write some fiction to include all of those elements. Instead, I was busy living life:

  • I had rejoined an online dating site. Ugh. 
  • Met a really super nice guy but didn’t quite click. 
  • Shopping for and learning about essential oils. 
  • Spending time with family and friends. 
  • Walking the pups. 
  • Spent a couple of days home sick
  • Dreaming
  • Becoming obsessed with “The Mindy Project.”
  • Enjoying the warm weather that is set to disappear again.

I think that is all that I have been up to, all good things. During this time though, I have been slacking off at living a life of gratitude. I am not acknowledging my blessings as often as I should. I’m not embracing my life and living joyfully. I am not unhappy, simply unfocused. I am somewhat “meh” lately.

To counteract my recent apathy I have made a vision board, talked to some of my friends about how I’ve slid a little bit. Trying to make myself more aware of the things that make me happy. Also working to cut out anything that makes me unhappy. I am cutting back my drinking a bit too. I’m not a huge drinker but I recently learned that alcohol can increase one’s risk factor for a ton of different cancers.

This will sound cheesy, but thanks to “The Mindy Project,” I am embracing my chubby self and realizing that I am attractive despite a few extra pounds. I think I needed that reminder in my life. It is funny where inspiration can come from. So that is what I am up to. Working on channeling my energies into my dreams and living life, full speed ahead.


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