Eighteen Days Until Spring

Eighteen days until spring. I think I can make it. I think I can, I think I can. I am so over winter. I am over cold weather, snow, ice, etc. This winter has been brutal and despite the beautiful sunshine today glinting off the freshly fallen snow, I am so ready for spring I could scream. 

I am pretty sure my pups feel the same way. Thanks to the bitter cold and deep snow we haven’t walked in ages. Milo is going stir crazy. Frankie just hates the deep snow and the cold, period. Dane is my little brute. He trudges through the snow without so much as a second thought. Thank god for him. 

I’ve been home sick the last couple of days which is not how I like to spend my time. A cold has been going around at work and people have been dropping like flies. Add to that the fact my sister was just sick and I was sort of doomed to get it. That will be changing soon as I embark upon my very own adventure to Young Living Essential Oils. I am looking for more natural ways to manage health and well being. Fingers crossed that this will be the start of a wonderful new approach to life. 

Not a lot is new in my world at the moment but I felt the urge to write, at least a little. So I guess this is it for today. Smile.


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