Happy Hallmark Holiday

Happy Hallmark Holiday!!! So, confession, I’m not into Valentine’s Day. I think it is so over hyped that most romantic relationships cannot live up to the ideal presented to us in every store, movie, book, commercial, etc. I feel like the people who buy into the hype are typically left disappointed, spouses and significant others end up in the doghouse. 

I, however, have the perfect Valentine’s, in the shape of my pups. They are amazing and love unconditionally. I started me day with puppy snuggles and as I write this Dane, my handsome old man, is laying on the chair next to me. Frankie is barking at whatever imaginary threats he sees out the window (I have checked several times, I see nothing to bark at). Milo is bounding around hoping that one of us will give in and play with him. 

That being said, I am incredibly grateful for those around me that I love and love me in return. I was greeted with several texts from my girlfriends this morning, a few facebook comments, and I am surrounded by love. Days like today serve as a reminder for who and what I have to be thankful for. 

Now… if I were in a relationship, I think the perfect Valentine’s day would go as follows: perhaps some flowers and a card, a home cooked meal or carry out, and watching a movie at home, hanging out, being silly. I think that would be kind of amazing. If I lived somewhere warm, then going out for a nice long walk with the pooches in a pretty location would be awesome. 

Now, I think I am gonna go start my day!


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