Thanksgiving 2013

I kind of missed the boat when it comes to posting something daily that I am thankful for. I decided today was the perfect day to sit down and take stock of my blessings.

For being raised to have faith. Non-denominational, non- judgmental, embracing everyone with love kind of faith.

I am thankful for a family that sticks together during the tough times. Lord knows the past 4 years have been filled with them. I wouldn’t have made it through without my family.

I am thankful for a group of friends that have changed my life. I am blessed beyond measure.

I am thankful for the people who work tirelessly for the good of others. Whether it is for the sake of adults in need, at risk kids, or animal rescue. You’re all rockstars and I’m grateful to you.

For a warm home.

Food on the table (assuming I went grocery shopping)

My pups. Sometimes they drive me insane, sometimes they still  potty in my house but the silliness and love they bring to my life makes every moment worth it.

A job that I enjoy. Granted, I’d rather stay home if given the chance (who wants to leave a comfy bed with three snuggly pups) but I know that each day I make a difference for people and I have fun doing it.

Working for an amazing company.

Having compassionate and supportive bosses.

Working with a team of highly talented, passionate, individuals.

A safe, reliable car.

Laughter. Every day. (often from my pups or the people I work with or the family and friends).

Good books that suck me in and transport me to another world.

Love. In all its forms.

Wine. So good. White. Red. Blush. So many varieties.

All of my (many) jobs in the past. They all taught me something and gave me a rather varied set of experiences.

Coffee. It is a perfect pick me up, the warmth, the caffeine. As Gram would say, ‘it opens the eyes.”

For wonderful examples of enduring love and relationships within my family and their long marriages.

For our military, police, fire, and ems. These people put their lives on the line daily to protect our freedom and safety. They are underpaid and undervalued but they do it anyway. I am thankful for them.


Living in a state that doesn’t have many natural disasters.

The kindness of neighbors. Last week one neighbor cleaned the leaves that were piled up at my curb. Another mulched the leaves on my front lawn.

Technology- for all the ways it can connect people, educate us, and entertain us.

Music. It can totally change one’s mood. Picks me up when I’m down. Calms me down when I am worked up.

The availability of nutritious food and clean water. The money to supply those.

My health. Without that one has nothing.

Having someplace to go today and people to celebrate with.

There we have it, twenty-eight blessings for the past twenty-eight days.Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!


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