Fall 2013

Here it is, decidedly fall. A fact I think I write about every single fall. I can’t help it. There is a bite that comes in the air, a scent that marks the changing of seasons more accurately than a date on the calendar. 

I was so pleased when the heat of summer seemed to stretch into October. There were no complaints from me about the warm , sunny days we were continuing to have. While other people may have lamented “it feels like August in October,” on social networking sites I was happy. I took Milo for a few evening bike rides enjoying the balmy air. 

However, fall has fallen down upon us. Yes, today is sunny and gorgeous with bright blue skies to make my heart sing. There are still leaves on the trees, another welcome sight to my eyes. But the leaves are changing from deep greens to vivid reds, oranges, and yellows. I have finally had to retire my hoodies in exchange for actual coats. While I walk from one spot to the next, wrapped up snug in my coat, the cold air nipping at my skin, breathing in fall, I get nostalgic. 

Every year, I love the fall. Still this time of year fills me with dread. Dread for the long, gray, cold winters that will descend upon us long before I am ready and last far longer than I am comfortable with. I envision snowy, icy roads. I can feel the tension in my body as I clutch the steering wheel praying that all the drivers on the road will exercise caution as we glide over the frozen, slick surfaces. I shake my head and remind myself to enjoy right now. 

I am going to visit a cider mill soon which is something I have not done since my youth. I order pumpkin spice lattes at Starbucks and eat pumpkin bread. I love the crunch of leaves under my feet. The sting of the autumn air. It is exhilarating. Change is good. Even if some changes bring upon others that we may not want…


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