Today I have been in a rather funky mood. If I am being totally honest a lot of it is probably due to hormonal fluctuations that all females get the joy of experiencing every month. Ugh. I am irritable. I am cranky. I am annoyed by things that typically bring me joy. Yet, I am delighted in the small things. 

After a recent conversation with my sister, the roomie, I realized I need to be home more often. Lately I had been going out a lot. While being social is great it is also a balancing act. I have not been good with the balancing. She was feeling pressure and obligation to be around for the dogs. I had no idea she was feeling that way until I asked what was bugging her. Communication is a beautiful thing. 

Thanks to that newfound knowledge, I came home right after work today. The only stop I made was to take my car through a local car wash.  Once home, I immediately set about much needed laundry. Once that was started I tackled the piles and piles of junk mail I have throughout the house. My family has made me paranoid about the need to shred anything that comes to the house with my name on it. While the task is not done (I quit when the shredder was overheated and two enormous piles were gone), it feels good to be making forward progress. 

I snacked on a cucumber when I got hungry. Later I made some eggs over easy and toast for dinner. I finished it up with some string cheese and then some Ben & Jerry’s. Oh the joys of adulthood.

I waited for the temps to drop a little before taking the boys for a walk. Seeing as Frank crawled up Val’s legs when I mentioned the idea of walking it was pretty safe to say he had no interest in coming along tonight. Milo and Dane happily gathered around to be suited up for our walk. 

Sometimes I have these weird sensory deja vu moments. As I called Dane to me and put his legs through his harness it reminded me of the feeling of dressing a child or putting on their shoes. Something I have plenty of experience with since I helped a lot with my younger sisters and did quite a lot of babysitting. It was an odd feeling.

As I left the house for our walk, the beauty of this summer evening overwhelmed me. It was dark but my neighborhood has a good amount of streetlights. I could hear the crickets and other sounds of a warm night. Dane and Milo were happy to prance and sniff and pee on anything that caught their attention. The funky mood drifted away on the warm breeze.