Dr. Doom & Gloom

Tonight I am definitely frustrated. To top it off I am writing post happy hour. So this may not be the best time to write. Nor will it be the most cohesive set of thoughts I have ever had. However, rather than go to bed early to sleep away the frustration and sadness I am attempting a healthier approach.

I have written in the past about my Uncle John and his health issues. Well last week, I think it was, he was back in the hospital again due to another infection from that fucking tube in his side. We were all concerned because literally the next day after his hospitalization he was scheduled to finally have the contrast dye, MRI deal that would show if the chemo and radiation had helped with his “mass” aka “tumor” aka “not cancer but not normal” garbage growing inside of him.

However, they did indeed do the scan and we were told by one of his doctors that the tumor was GONE. As in, all gone. No more. So we were all elated. It seemed like everything was coming together. We were waiting to hear when the stupid tube in his side would come out and maybe he could quit getting all these damn infections that land him back in the hospital.

Today he had an appointment with Dr. Doom & Gloom. We were anxious to hear what the surgeon would say since his mass was gone. Too bad… Joke is on us. According to Dr. Doom & Gloom, not only has the mass not changed but in addition there are FIVE new cysts. Not one, not two, but FIVE.

They will be convening the “tumor board,” to determine the surgery, best treatment, etc. I am so annoyed. And crestfallen. How can one doc read it as all clear and another give more than the exact opposite. Note, I am quickly becoming not a fan of doctors and “western medicine.”

Feeling very sad. Maybe gonna watch something sad and annoying to cry my eyes out. Too hot and humid outside to walk the pups. Leaves me not a ton of options….