Here I am, on the edge of this magical place known as Vacationland. Reality is about to come crashing back into my world after a little over a week off. I’ve enjoyed the sleeping in, the staying up late, the trying new restaurants, seeing new movies, going to the zoo, checking out local attractions. I’ve bought art for my home, spent time with friends, and lots of time with my sister, the roomie. 

Also during this break I’ve poured my heart out and received weak answers, perhaps sparked a new friendship, and avoided someone I care about because to care is scary. Also, I am lazy. I’ve walked my boys though not nearly enough and I’ve completely neglected yard work. I didn’t do so hot on the cleaning front either. Well, win some, lose some, right?

In addition to the fun excursions, my aunt NM had surgery and her husband has been in the ER three times (as of this morning). It seems he is in a great deal of pain and while the doctors have made some guesses they have yet to come up with concrete answers as to why. It’s draining, for him most especially, but all of us that love him too. It sucks to see someone you love in pain. 

At different times this past week and a half I’ve had chances to take stock of my life and mostly I am quite pleased. I’ve realized I need to do more, move more, work with my boys more because they deserve it. They deserve to be challenged, to get more exercise, to explore more of the world than our home and yard. 

While I’ve been dreading going back to work because that means responsibility and the setting of alarms, I also know I’m very lucky to have a job that I love. I also know that if I weren’t doing what I am doing, then I’d need to work for myself. So I am attempting to focus more on writing. (Hence a blog entry!) 

As usual I’ve been pondering the spiritual side of life. I’ve toyed with the idea of going to church last Sunday and this Sunday. However, neither day did I make it. I actually was still awake at seven this morning since I opted to read the last Sookie Stackhouse novel in one sitting. I had to know how it ended. While I’m not completely dissatisfied I think I’ll fantasize of another ending for the characters I love. 

As much I would like to let my mind ramble on this page, I need to get up and move. I have weeds to kill (with all natural, non-toxic to people or critters weedkiller). I have pups that deserve a walk on this warm day, and a few errands to run. Vacationland has been great and I can’t wait to visit it again.


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