I Bought A Lawn Mower

I bought a lawn mower. I’m 32 years old and bought my first lawn mower. To me, that is pretty significant. It’s big girl pants, for real. I’m on the verge of officially being a home owner. I cook, although tonight I am ordering pizza. I’ve bought flowers and planted them in my yard. Again, this makes me question: who am I becoming? Whomever I am morphing into, I like it. I have a home I can entertain in.

Take the other day for example, a friend from work came over and we chatted while sipping wine on the patio. The weather is perfect and we got to enjoy good conversation and company. My little motley crew of pups were (fairly) well behaved. They made friends very quickly with my guest and then decided that dozing in the sun was the best activity.

Of course, before my friend came over, I had to tidy up. Run the vacuum through the house, wipe the table and counters, etc. I think Gram would be proud of all that I have been up to as of late. I’m trying to be a good housekeeper and domestic goddess. It is definitely a slow transition. However, it is one I am enjoying, at least most of the time.


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