Let the Children Dream

Lately I find myself dreaming again. The silly little alternate realities I imagine for myself. The simple but grandiose sort of logic that has been present since my childhood. Dreams that are potentially attainable if my followthrough was there. Dreams that are not entirely unrealistic. Dreams that I will probably abandon in a week or three and replace with newer dreams. Such is the story of my life and my short attention span.

I am beyond blessed to have grown up in a family that valued creativity and indulged my childish dreams, no matter how far fetched. I was never stifled as a child or told I couldn’t do or be whatever my little heart desired. My family knew that most of the things I wished and hoped for would probably never happen but they never discouraged me from dreaming. I am immensely grateful for their love, patience, and support.

I think it takes a special kind of adult to have the patience to listen to the ramblings of a child, especially when the child was a motormouth like I was. The first career I dreamed up was “bird beak clipper.” Not a veterinarian or zoo keeper or pet store owner even. Nothing so general or realistic. I had a green plastic bird toy and a yellow plastic wrench. Somehow I decided that the wrench could double as clippers and I’d happily clip my little birdie’s beak. As I went on and on about this future career, my parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents listened happily and supported my plans.

It wasn’t just careers I’d dream up, one time it was an imaginary friend. I had heard of other kids having them but I didn’t. So I decided I would and she would be Princess Allura from Voltron. If I was going to have an imaginary friend she had to be awesome. Although, I couldn’t decide if she was imaginary or simply invisible. Either way, she didn’t last longer than an afternoon visit at my grandparent’s home. My aunt, NM, was very gracious in playing along with myself and Princess Allura. She even agreed to hold her when I wanted her to know how light she was. God bless my aunt for her patience with me. I am not sure I could be so patient. Whenever I saw her I begged her to play with me and she would. She’d abandon the adult conversations to indulge me.

Whether I was plotting how to fix my plastic toy snake with a dried leaf (hey, it was something hard and had a curled form like the snake toy did), or playing shop keeper, teacher, hair stylist among other ideas, my family let me dream. That is my wish for children in this world. That the adults around them allow them to dream. Dream freely, with a grandiose style, dream without limits. Children are only children for a short amount of time, so please, let the children dream.


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