Meet Milo

After introducing Dane and Frankie I really thought an entry such as those would not be happening for a very long while. I have often said my next dog would be a pit and while I have pondered adding a third dog to my home had ultimately decided that now was not the time. Two dogs were enough to handle and our little family seemed complete. So while I dreamt of one day owning a female, gray pit, the emphasis was always on one day. Life, fate, destiny sometimes has other plans.


Meet Milo. Milo is a three or four year old male Boston Terrier that was in need of a home. He belonged to a friend of my sister’s and they couldn’t keep him anymore. While the sister that I live with and I were both content with the two boys we figured we’d at least take Milo in until his new home was found. We were contemplating keeping him but both of us had our reservations. Neither of us wanted a third dog.  That being said, if we did want a third dog, we both wanted a female.

On a snowy Saturday, after work I drove out to Milo’s home and picked him up. His former owners cried upon his departure. I had never met him before so here I was, a total stranger, ripping him from his home. I put his dog bed on the passenger seat and let him snuggle in for the forty minute ride to his new home. He was a little antsy, occasionally standing up and peering out the window, unsure of what was happening.

When we got home, my sister was still at work. It was up to me to introduce the three boys to each other. I wasn’t nervous though. I had heard that Milo was good with other dogs and I knew my two. I walked Milo into the house on his leash and went to the bedroom that the boys’ were confined to. I scooped Milo up in my arms and opened the door to let Dane and Frankie out. Milo was so excited he was squirming in my arms. Dane and Frankie seemed interested but not overly so. Then they started barking at hime. Despite the commotion I got Dane and Frankie outside where I finally put Milo down and they all got to meet outside. Lots of sniffing, a few grumbles, but it all went really well.

After their outside meeting I brought all three boys back in the house but I kept Milo on his leash so I could control the situation. There was a minor scruff over some food that Dane wasn’t eating, was nowhere near, but didn’t want Milo eating either. Milo is a chow hound so if there is food he wants to be eating it.

It’s been two weeks now since I picked up Milo and the three of them are growing closer every day. While initially there was some debate as to whether or not we’d keep Milo, it didn’t take long for us to decide that he was a permanent member of our home. We definitely were not looking for a third dog but one found us and I’m glad.



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