The World According to ME Part 1 Snow

Since I have lived most of my life creating the perfect world in my head, I think it is time for me to put some of these thoughts down on paper. Or typed screen. Maybe if I get them out there it will help to will them into existence.

First off, concerning the weather. I live in Michigan. I have for my entire life. As a kid I LOVED snow. Looked forward to it, couldn’t wait for it, thought it was so beautiful and wonderful and awesome. Then I got to high school and driving age. I was more than willing to drive in the snow. I recall days that I would go out to do things (perhaps a shopping trip that was non-essential) and my mother would make some comment about not feeling the need to go out in the snow. I would haughtily tell her, “We live in Michigan, snow is a part of our lives. I am not letting it stop me from going out.” When she would lament the snow I would tell her I loved it.

Fast forward about 15 years. I kind of hate snow. Don’t get me wrong, its BEAUTIFUL on the grass, falling from the sky, up on the roof tops, or forming a soft layer on pine trees. I HATE driving in the snow.

All of this leads up to the snow according to Kelly plan. Keep it on the grass and off the sidewalks, drive ways, and roads. Is it really that hard? I’m all for the snow with some terms and conditions. I don’t want to have to walk in it, drive through it, or shovel it. It’s not just the snow that is an issue here. For anyone that lives in states that deal with snow for the winter, they know it is the ice that lurks underneath the snow that really sucks. I can’t stand walking along thinking, “Snow isn’t really so bad. It’s rather pretty,” to find myself suddenly skidding along and fighting for balance because there was a patch of ice I couldn’t see UNDER the snow. It’s even worse when it is a patch of ice on the roads. It is, perhaps, one of the worst feelings to feel completely out of control as you’re careening down the road with a ton of other cars.

My plan? Can’t we have solar heated concrete/cement/asphalt/whatever surfaces make up our roads, sidewalks, driveways, and parking lots? Then we could all enjoy the beauty of the snow safely. Please don’t ruin my dream with the reality of how expensive all of that would be and if the roads needed repair etc. I don’t want to hear it. This is the world according to me, not current reality. In my perfect world snow is limited to grassy areas and no surfaces that people or vehicles must pass over.


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