Day Off/ Quiet Thoughts

So here I am, a beautiful September day, sitting on my patio enjoying what’s left of the nice weather. Gram is in the kitchen still reading her newspaper, which I can hear rustle as she flips through it.

I’ve never been one for reading the paper myself. I hated getting the ink on my hands as a kid, or attempting to refold it only to have it become a wrinkled, off kilter mess. I envy the people who have a passion for reading the paper. It’s a cherished morning ritual for many. I used to even think it was a sign of adulthood. Drink coffee, read the paper, go about the day.

While I may have never developed an affinity for reading the morning paper, I do stay informed by reading news online. The digital world is more my style for that. My fingers stay cleaner and I don’t have to worry about refolding anything.

There is a peacefulness to my days off that I love. I was able to sleep in, chat with my friend who is in Prague. Be here for some home maintenance issues, and now relax while my dogs lounge about. I think a nice long walk is in my near future.


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