My Return (and Departure) From Academia.

Last year I had this brilliant idea that I was going to go back to college. I decided I was going to learn web design. I know nothing about it but it seemed like a good thing to learn. It wouldn’t be the first time I have dove headfirst into a subject that I was totally unfamiliar with. I like learning and I’m confident in my ability to learn.

The plan behind this venture was that one day I could work from home. The idea of rolling out of bed, pouring a cup of coffee, sitting down at my kitchen table and starting “work,” is so appealing to me. Web design seemed like a way to make that happen.

At the time I hatched this plan I had a couple different things going on for me.

  1. I was finally feeling ready to attempt the world of academia again.
  2. I was feeling a little less than satisfied with my job and wanted a way out one day.
  3. Working in my pajamas is tempting. (Did I mention that one already?)

The flaws in my plan? Web design is not my passion and I’ve already figured out that if I am not passionate about something its not really going to be worth my effort. I took one class (which was intro to computer basics) and have yet to sign up for another. Not to mention I never had my transcripts transferred which makes it really hard to earn a degree unless I want to start over which is not something I want to do. Lastly, like all things in life worth doing, ya gotta have some hustle. I don’t want to hustle clients to design webpages for. If I wanted to work hard to build a clientele then I could go back to doing hair.

Where do I go from here? First off, the joy and satisfaction has returned to my job. I am enjoying myself on a daily basis again. Being able to enjoy what you do makes life that much more pleasant. Secondly I am writing again (which is my passion or at least one of them) and it gives me a sense of accomplishment. Third, I have found an amazing dog trainer that has helped me to work miracles with my 11 year old (former) killer chihuahua Dane. It is an exciting and rewarding adventure that we are on right now, one I will be sure to blog about soon.

At this point I feel like I have so many positive things going for me that I am pretty darn happy with where my life is. I also know that there are a few things (like blogging, writing, dog training) that I want to focus my energies on. I don’t know that college classes would satisfy me the way these other subjects do. I’m not saying no to college, I’m just saying, not right now. Right now, I have passions I am exploring, a good job, and a crazy grandmother to keep me busy. A woman has to have a life too.


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