Fighting Fall (and Failing)

It’s September and as much as I am fighting it, fall is fighting its way in. Its not that I don’t like fall. In fact, I love fall. Its the thing that comes after fall that I am hoping to avoid. I know its futile. Winter always comes after fall. Still, every year, around this time I imagine that it will forget Michigan somehow. I don’t think I will be so lucky. Although with the way things are going with global warming I stand a chance of getting my wish. I am scared of what the cost will be. I would prefer winter forget us simply by magic and not mankind destroying everything  it touches. I digress, that is another subject for another day. Back to fall.

Darkness is creeping up just a little bit earlier every evening. Right now that is the most inconvenient part of fall. I love sunlight though I am far from a sun-worshipper. I just enjoy a gorgeous blue sky with white, fluffy clouds, and the warmth of the sun on my shoulders as I walk. I love walking my dogs and chihuahuas are not fans of winter any more than I am.

I try to focus on the bright side. Hoodie weather. Pumpkin Spice Lattes from Starbucks. The delicious crisp in the air. The chilly mornings awakening my senses.Cider mills! Cider mill donuts! Warm spiced cider. Leaves that will soon be crunching under my boots. Scarves. Dark, rich nail polish shades.

But… I already miss the warm, slightly muggy air of a summer night. Most depressing is the knowledge of the bleak, gray, dark, cold months ahead. As I look out my window to see that the day has slipped away and night has crept in, I know that as much as I am fighting fall… I’m failing.


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