I am

Once upon a time I had this idea of writing about the journey of becoming who I am meant to be.  Today, it has occurred to me that I AM who I am meant to be.  The journey is simply a chance to explore all the of facets that contribute to me and my make up. An opportunity to test out what works and what doesn’t. An adventure to create the memories that will sustain me when I am old, God help me if I live that long.

Which leads me to the question: why blog? That is something I have asked myself more than once.  I’m not that interesting really. Maybe blogs are just a little spot in the cyber universe where people can rave about their pseudo interesting lives. Maybe it is a chance to document that I am here. A place to be a writer even if I never finish a novel or publish a book. Here I am, look at me, I’m a writer. Whatever this blog is, it is mine.  A chance to celebrate my successes and learn from my failures.

Starting now I am going to make more of an effort to blog if for no other reason then to see my own progress.  To know I am doing something. Maybe something I write will help someone else.  That is what has always appealed to me about writing.  The idea that I can create something that will touch another human being on such a level as to become a part of them.  To stir something so deeply that that emotion will always stay with them.

So, here I am and I am me.


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