In For A Penny, In For A Pound.

I have to write about something that happened the other night that really got under my skin. I had made a quick trip to the grocery stop to pick up some essentials before Grey’s Anatomy. I had a mental list of all the items I needed. I zipped through the store, having rather pleasant exchanges with the people who were in my way, or I was in theirs. Pardon me’s, excuse me’s, can you fit past, other polite inquires to make shopping easy for all of us. I was feeling pretty pleased with my fellow shoppers for having manners.

And then… I get to the check out. I had too many items to use the express self serve check out. There were not regular self serve check outs open. Keep in mind, I had a schedule to keep. I had to get home in time to see what happens with Meredith and Derek. (Priorities you know). So I find a line with only one person ahead of me. Perfect!

The cashier is ringing her out and when she is done, the woman presents her with a stack of coupons. As the cashier is ringing in the coupons, the customer is bagging her own groceries. The cashier tells her, “I’m sorry, this coupon won’t go through. It was for a 6oz package of cheese and the one you picked up is an 8oz package. The woman’s response? “Well I’m buying more.

I’m pretty sure thats not the point! Manufacturers don’t have to offer coupons. They sell their goods. You buy their goods. They make these goods to make money. The store sells them to make money. If you ask me, a coupon is a courtesy of sorts. How are you going to read the coupon, blatantly choose something that doesn’t fit the criteria, and then complain about it? The woman ended up putting a few different items back because they didn’t match what the coupon required.

If you ask me, its this kind of disregard that is at the core of the issues in our country. Was it a HUGE thing? No. But I’m pretty sure she was capable of reading and just decided she could make her own rules. They offered her one discount and she said, “nope, this is what I think it should be.” Granted there is a time and a place for everything. A time to carve out your own way, your own rules, to challenge the system, to make it better. But why look a gift horse in the mouth? Why be so selfish? Why does she think she can make her own rules? “I’m buying more,” doesn’t cut it. You’re ignorant. You’re selfish. You think the world owes you something. It doesn’t.

Maybe I am making way too much out of this but I HATE when people try to bend everything to their will and get pissed that when they attempt to try something that is directly in violation of posted rules they don’t get what they want. Learn to read, grow up, and don’t try to scam the whole damn system!